Using Style Dialog

Using Style Dialog

To use Style Dialog in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop, please follow the steps below:

  • Right Click on the Grid. A context menu will be popped up before you offering some options
  • Select Format Cells… option from the context menu.

After you select Format Cells… option, Style Dialog would appear before you. Style Dialog consists of several tabs including:* **Number**

  • Alignment
  • Border
  • Font
  • Protection

Let’s discuss and view each tab of the Style Dialog one by one.

Number Tab

Number tab is used to set the Number Format settings of a cell. You can select a number format category, set decimal places for the value, select a symbol set and also select that how to show negative value in the cell.

Alignment Tab

Using Alignment tab, users can set the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text. Even they can also use other text controlling options like wrapping text, shrinking cell to fit text and merging cells.

Border Tab

Border tab facilitates users to draw borders of any type and color with just a few clicks. All they have to do is to just select few options to draw a border according to their desires.

Font Tab

Using Font tab, users can change their font name, size, color and styles etc. Users can also preview their font settings before applying them on cells. So, it makes the job of users easier to format cells Just In Time.

Protection Tab

Protection tab simply allows users to protect their cells by locking or hiding them.