Aspose.Diagram Java For PHP


PHP Java Bridge

PHP Java Bridge is a bridge program that connect between PHP and Java with Java Native Interface. Rake + PJB is the more powerful and useful build tool than both Maven and Ant. You can test your Java business logic class itself with PJB’s mock. It helps to migrate Struts’s Model Object into your RoR application. But beware to buildSwing application, PHP (and PJB) doesn’t consider JVM’s native threads handling.

Aspose.Diagram for Java

Aspose.Diagram for Java is a Non-Graphical and well-structured API that allows developers to load an existing diagram, create a diagram from scratch, save a diagram in any supported file format and manipulate Microsoft Visio drawings within a Java application without using Microsoft Visio. It provides better performance and is easier to use to manipulate diagrams and convert files than Microsoft Office Automation.

Aspose.Diagram Java for PHP

Project Aspose.Diagram Java for PHP shows how different tasks can be performed using Aspose.Diagram Java APIs in PHP. This project is aimed to provide useful examples for PHP developers who want to utilize Aspose.Diagram for Java in their PHP Projects using PJB (PHO Java Bridge).

System Requirements

Following are the system requirements to use Aspose.Diagram Java for PHP:

  • Tomcat Server 8.0 or above installed.
  • PHP/JavaBridge is configured.
  • FastCGI is installed.
  • Downloaded Aspose.Diagram component.

Supported Platforms

Following are the supported platforms:

  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • Java 1.8 or above