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OMR is a fast and fail-safe way to process surveys, ballots, checklists, insurance claim forms, and similar questionnaires in which the respondent answers questions by filling in circles or checking boxes.

With Aspose.OMR elements, you can programmatically design professional-looking questionnaires that can be automatically recognized.


  • ChoiceBoxConfig
    A simple element that generates a question with a fixed number of answers.
  • CheckBoxConfig
    This element generates a list of answers with blank bubbles that can accommodate any kind of marks.
  • VerticalChoiceBoxConfig
    This element generates a vertical question block with multiple answers and an optional write-in field.
  • ScoreGroupConfig
    This element defines a group of questions with multiple evaluation criteria, which are summed up during recognition.
  • TableContentConfig
    This element organizes questions and answers in a tabular structure.