Ai to Png

Using Aspose.PSD you can convert supported versions of AI files to Png format. Png is a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression. Also, Png supports transparency. The rasterization of the Ai files on the server can be automated. For Ai export you need to use the following code snippet:

Below provided sample code demonstrates how to export the AI file to Png format programmatically.

With Aspose.PSD you can specify the Png compression level. You can use Png Progressive compression and change the Color Type of the Png File.Png Options have different properties for any cases of AI Export.

Ai format supports changing opacity for vector data, and Png supports semitransparency, so a combination of these two formats can help you to make File Format Automation.

Examples of current export abilities for AI Files to Png

Example Description

Export of AI file includes the ability

to render Postscript primitives

with different fill and stroke with

any custom weight.


Rendering of complex paths from AI file

using C# API without Adobe Illustrator