Convert PSD to PDF using C#

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C#.NET Photoshop Manipulation API - Aspose.PSD is a PSD SDK that can replace Adobe Photoshop on a server. Conversion of PSD file to PDF with selectable text can be easily made.

To convert PSD to PDF you can use the following code:

Below provided sample code demonstrates how to convert PSD to PDF:

You can specify additional PDF meta information in PdfOptions, like Author, Keywords, Subject, Title. Adobe Photoshop file can be pixel-perfect exported with Read-Only Mode, but in this case, you will not be able to select text from PSD Text Layers.

Batch processing of PSD files to PDF can help you to make a previewer for your website. PDF format can not be edited as a PSD file, so you can use it as an unchangeable format to work with your customers or partners and at the same moment you will have a PSD template that you can change at any time.