List of PSD Layer Resources


Aspose.PSD Supports Low-Level API Manipulation with Layer Resources. Each Layer of Adobe® Photoshop® File contains a group of resources, that contains information about the creation date of Layer, Layer Name, Layer Left, Right, Bottom, Top of Layer, and other additional information.

You can get from these resource information that commonly hidden by Photoshop UI.

If we haven’t implemented the resources you need, you can write on PSD Forum or use Unknown Resource and change its data byte by byte.

List of the Layer Resources

 Layer Resource Prefix Description
lrFX Effects Layer (Photoshop 5.0)
TySh Type Tool Info (Photoshop 5.0 and 5.5 only)
luni Unicode layer name (Photoshop 5.0)
lyid Layer ID (Photoshop 5.0)
lfx2 Object-based effects layer info (Photoshop 6.0)
Patt Patterns (Photoshop 6.0 and CS (8.0))
Pat2/Pat3 Patterns (Photoshop 6.0 and CS (8.0))
Anno Annotations (Photoshop 6.0)
clbl Blend clipping elements (Photoshop 6.0)
infx Blend interior elements (Photoshop 6.0)
knko Knockout setting (Photoshop 6.0)
lspf Protected setting (Photoshop 6.0)
lclr Sheet color setting (Photoshop 6.0)
fxrp Reference point (Photoshop 6.0)
grdm Gradient settings (Photoshop 6.0)
lsct Section divider setting (Photoshop 6.0)
brst Channel blending restrictions setting (Photoshop 6.0)
SoCo Solid color sheet setting (Photoshop 6.0)
PtFl Pattern fill setting (Photoshop 6.0)
GdFl Gradient fill setting (Photoshop 6.0)
vmsk Vector mask setting (Photoshop 6.0)
vsms Vector mask setting (Photoshop 6.0)
TySh Type tool object setting (Photoshop 6.0)
ffxi Foreign effect ID (Photoshop 6.0)
lnsr Layer name source setting (Photoshop 6.0)
shpa Pattern data (Photoshop 6.0)
shmd Metadata setting (Photoshop 6.0)
lyvr Layer version (Photoshop 7.0)
tsly Transparency shapes layer (Photoshop 7.0)
lmgm Layer mask as global mask (Photoshop 7.0)
vmgm Vector mask as global mask (Photoshop 7.0)
brit Brightness and Contrast
mixr Channel Mixer
clrL Color Lookup (Photoshop CS6)
plLd Placed Layer (replaced by SoLd in Photoshop CS3)
lnkD Linked Layer
lnk2/lnk3 Linked Layer
phfl Photo Filter
blwh Black White (Photoshop CS3)
CgEd Content Generator Extra Data (Photoshop CS5)
Txt2 Text Engine Data (Photoshop CS3)
vibA Vibrance (Photoshop CS3)
pths Unicode Path Name (Photoshop CS6)
anFX Animation Effects (Photoshop CS6)
FMsk Filter Mask (Photoshop CS3)
SoLd/PILd Placed Layer Data (Photoshop CS3)
vstk Vector Stroke Data (Photoshop CS6)
vscg Vector Stroke Content Data (Photoshop CS6)
sn2P Using Aligned Rendering (Photoshop CS6)
vogk Vector Origination Data (Photoshop CC)
PxSc Pixel Source Data (Photoshop CC)
PxSD Pixel Source Data (Photoshop CC 2015)
artb/artd/abdd Artboard Data (Photoshop CC 2015)
SoLE Smart Object Layer Data (Photoshop CC 2015)
Mt16 Saving Merged Transparency
Mt32 Saving Merged Transparency
Mtrn Saving Merged Transparency
LMsk User Mask
expA Exposure
Fxid/FEid Filter Effects