Example of using group layers in Aspose.PSD for C#

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Group layers in Aspose.PSD for C# allow for efficient organization and manipulation of layers in a PSD file. By using folder layers, you can group multiple layers together and apply transformations or effects to the entire group.

This example demonstrates creating a new PSD image with PsdImage.Create. Then, a new LayerGroup object is created using AddLayerGroup from the PsdImage object. The group layer is named “Folder,” inserted at index 0, and set to visible.

Next, two Layer objects are created with their DisplayName properties set. These layers are added to the group layer using AddLayer.

Layers within the group can be accessed via the Layers property of the LayerGroup object. The example asserts that the first and second layers' display names in the group are “Layer 1” and “Layer 2”.

After modifying the group layers, the updated PSD image is saved with the Save method of the PsdImage object.

This basic example introduces working with group layers using Aspose.PSD for C#. The library offers advanced features for manipulating and transforming layers in PSD files. Refer to the Aspose.PSD for C# documentation for more detailed examples and features.

Here’s a sample code demonstrating group layer usage in Aspose.PSD for C#:


For more detailed information and examples, please visit the Aspose.PSD for C# documentation.