Working with Task's Actual Properties

Working with Actual Properties

The static class Tsk exposes a number of properties for determining a task’s actual properties:

  • ActualCost: a task’s actual cost (double).
  • ActualOvertimeCost: a task’s actual overtime cost (double).
  • ActualOvertimeWork: the actual overtime worked on a task (TimeSpan).
  • ActualDuration: a task’s actual duration (TimeSpan).
  • ActualStart: the date and time that a task actually started (DateTime).
  • ActualFinish: the date and time that a task actually finished (DateTime).
  • ACWP: the actual cost of the work performed on a task (double).

The ChildTasksCollector class collects all the child tasks from a given RootTask when used by TaskUtils.

Actual Properties in Microsoft Project

To access these properties in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the View menu, select More Views and then Task Entry.
  2. On the Insert menu, select Column and add the desired columns to the Task Entry form.

Getting Actual Properties with Aspose.Tasks

A tasks' actual properties can be obtained by traversing the tasks in a project. The code sample given below writes the actual properties for all tasks found in a project to a console window.