Working with Task Costs

To estimate the cost of a project, tasks are associated with costs. Aspose.Tasks for C++ API supports this feature of Microsoft Project with a range of properties.

Working with Task Cost

The Tsk exposes a number of properties for working with task cost:

  • Cost: a task’s projected or scheduled cost (double).
  • BCWP: the budgeted cost of the work performed to date (double).
  • BCWS: the budgeted cost of scheduled work (double).
  • FixedCost: the fixed cost associated with a task (single).
  • FixedCostAccrual: the fixed cost accrued for a task (CostAccrualType).

Viewing Task Costs in Microsoft Project

To view task costs in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Task Entry form, go to the Insert menu and select Columns.
  2. Add the cost columns.

Getting Task Costs

The following code example demonstrates how to get a task’s cost.