Writing Updated Task Data to MPP

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With Aspose.Tasks for C++ it is possible to update tasks and then write the updated data back to a Microsoft Project MPP file.

Updating Task Data

The following code snippet shows how to update a project’s task data and write it back to the MPP file. The step involved in this activity are:

  1. Create an instance of the Project class.
  2. Load the source MPP file.
  3. Create a Task and add it to the root task.
  4. Update the task parameters such as Deadline, NotesText, etc.
  5. Add additional tasks to the root task.
  6. Save the project.

The following code finds a task’s original and external ID in the project.

 1// Create project instance
 2System::String dataDir = RunExamples::GetDataDir(System::Reflection::MethodBase::GetCurrentMethod(ASPOSE_CURRENT_FUNCTION)->get_DeclaringType().get_FullName());
 3System::String newProject = u"UpdateTaskData.mpp";
 4System::SharedPtr<Project> project = System::MakeObject<Project>(dataDir + newProject);
 6// Set project start date
 7project->Set(Prj::StartDate(), System::DateTime(2012, 7, 29, 8, 0, 0));
 9// Add summary task and set its properties
10System::SharedPtr<Task> summary = project->get_RootTask()->get_Children()->Add(u"Summary task");
11System::SharedPtr<Task> task1 = summary->get_Children()->Add(u"First task");
12task1->Set<Duration>(Tsk::Duration(), project->GetDuration(3));
13task1->Set(Tsk::Deadline(), task1->Get<System::DateTime>(Tsk::Start()).AddDays(10));
14task1->Set<System::String>(Tsk::NotesText(), u"The first task.");
15task1->Set<TimeUnitType>(Tsk::DurationFormat(), Aspose::Tasks::TimeUnitType::MinuteEstimated);
16task1->Set<ConstraintType>(Tsk::ConstraintType(), Aspose::Tasks::ConstraintType::FinishNoLaterThan);
17task1->Set(Tsk::ConstraintDate(), task1->Get<System::DateTime>(Tsk::Deadline()).AddDays(-1));
20// Create 10 new sub tasks for summary task
21for (int32_t i = 0; i < 10; i++)
23    System::SharedPtr<Task> subTask = summary->get_Children()->Add(System::String::Format(u"Task{0}",i + 2));
24    subTask->Set<Duration>(Tsk::Duration(), task1->Get<Duration>(Tsk::Duration()).Add(project->GetDuration(i + 1)));
25    subTask->Set<TimeUnitType>(Tsk::DurationFormat(), Aspose::Tasks::TimeUnitType::Day);
26    subTask->Set(Tsk::Deadline(), task1->Get<System::DateTime>(Tsk::Deadline()).AddDays(i + 1));
29// Save the Project
30project->Save(dataDir + u"project_UpdateTaskData_updated_out.mpp", Aspose::Tasks::Saving::SaveFileFormat::MPP);
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