Percentage Complete Calculations


The Task class exposes several properties used to calculate percentages:

  • PercentComplete represents the completed percentage of a task’s duration (integer).
  • PercentWorkComplete represents the completed percentage of a task’s work (integer).
  • PhysicalPercentComplete represents the completed percentage as entered by a project manager (integer).

To see the physical percent complete in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Task Entry form, from the Insert menu, select Column.
  2. Add the column.

To see the completed percentage in Microsoft Project on the Task Entry form, double-click the desired column:

A task’s completed percentage in Microsoft Project, and, below it, it’s physical completion percentage.

check percentage complete in Microsoft Project

Getting Percentages in Aspose.Tasks

The following example shows how to get the percentages of work relating to tasks using Aspose.Tasks.