WBS Associated with a Task

Working with Work Breakdown Structure

The WBS and WBSLevel properties exposed by the Tsk class is used to read and write a tasks work breakdown structure:

  • WBS: sets or gets a task’s WBS code (string).
  • WBS_LEVEL: sets or gets a task’s WBS level (string).

Microsoft Project View of WBS

To view WBS information in Microsoft Project:

  1. On the Task Entry Form, select the Insert menu and then Column.
  2. Add the WBS column.

Work breakdown structure in Microsoft Project

WBS associated with tasks

Getting WBS in Aspose.Tasks

The following examples show how to get a task’s WBS value using Aspose.Tasks.

Renumber WBS Codes

Aspose.Tasks for Java API can renumber WBS codes similar to MSP’s “Renumber” function.