Create a Project with Default Properties

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This is an ASP classic page with VB Script that gathers information about default standard and overtime rates for a project from the user and saves the project file in XML format.

<%@ LANGUAGE = VBScript %>
<% Option Explicit %>
    <title>Aspose.Tasks classical ASP sample</title>
    <h3>Aspose.Tasks classical ASP sample</h3>
    <form name=Form1 method=Post action="sample.asp">
      <p>Please enter Default Standard and Overtime Rate:<p>
      <p>Standard Rate: <input type=Text name=stdRate></p>
      <p>Overtime Rate: <input type=Text name=otimeRate></p>
      <input type=Submit value="Generate Project File">
      If Request.form("stdRate") <> "" AND Request.form("otimeRate") <>  "" Then
        'Create a Project
        Dim prj
        Set prj = CreateObject("Aspose.Tasks.Project")
        'Create a Project Writer
        Dim prjWriter
        Set prjWriter = CreateObject("Aspose.Tasks.ProjectWriter")
        prj.DefaultStandardRate = Request.form("stdRate")
        prj.DefaultOvertimeRate = Request.form("otimeRate")
        prjWriter.Write prj,"prjASP.xml", Aspose_Tasks.TasksDataFormat.TasksDataFormat_XML
        Response.Write("Project file created in XML format")

Presented below are default properties of standard/overtime resource rates of the created XML project file: default properties of Microsoft Project file