Supported Features

Aspose.Words provides users with a wide range of features. Users can perform a huge amount of document-related tasks – from simply converting documents from one supported format to another and modifying those documents during the conversion process to business tasks, such as creating structured and visually appealing documents or automating reporting.

Major Features

  • Layout Engine (the module that allows building page by page model of a document)
  • Rendering documents to PDF
  • Rendering documents to Image (This feature is included, however, we are still working on its improvement, so please note that it is in beta state)
  • Loading and saving HTML documents
  • Saving EPUB documents
  • Loading and saving MHTML documents
  • Loading MOBI documents
  • Saving documents in XamlFlow and XamlFixed formats
  • Loading and saving documents in ODT format
  • Saving documents in XPS and OpenXPS formats
  • Saving documents in HtmlFixed (HTML format using absolutely positioned elements) format
  • Saving documents in SVG format
  • Saving documents in PS, PCL, EMF formats
  • Insertion of HTML into the documents
  • Insertion of SVG images into the documents
  • Insertion online video
  • Creation DML Charts
  • Updating fields that depend on document layout, like TOC, PAGE, etc.
  • Comparing Two Word Documents
  • Reading and Writing VBA Macros


  • Supports limited set of file formats (see Supported Document Formats for details)
  • No support for encrypted documents
  • No support for downloading remote resources from the Internet
  • Limited and unstable support for Rendering features
  • No support for Reporting features