Hello, World!

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A “Hello, World!” code is often the first simple example to write uisng “Aspose.Words for C++”, and it can also be used as a sanity test to ensure the software intended to compile or run source code is correctly installed.

“Aspose.Words for C++” library gives developers direct access to create, modify, merge, convert, compare Word and Web documents. PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, ODT, EPUB, HTML and many other file formats are supported.

Below code snippet follows these steps:

  1. Create a new empty Document
  2. Initialize a DocumentBuilder class
  3. Insert text to the document start using simple Write method
  4. Open an existing Document from a file. Automatically detects the file format
  5. Append document “A” to the and of the document “B”
  6. Save the output as PDF

The following code snippet is a “Hello, World!” program to exhibit working of “Aspose.Words for C++” API:

// Create a new empty document A
auto docA = MakeObject<Document>();

// Initialize a DocumentBuilder
auto builder = MakeObject<DocumentBuilder>(docA);

// Insert text to the document A start
builder->Write(u"First Hello World paragraph");

// Open an existing document B
auto docB = MakeObject<Document>(u"C:\\Temp\\documentB.docx");

// Add document B to the and of document A, preserving document B formatting
docA->AppendDocument(docB, ImportFormatMode::KeepSourceFormatting);

// Save the output as PDF