Inserting HTML Dynamically

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You can insert HTML to your reports dynamically by using one of the following two options.

The first one is using of an expression tag with an html switch applied as follows.

<<[html_text_expression] -html>>

This option is useful when you need to override formatting of some parts of an expression result, for example, highlight a word with a bold or italic font while staying consistent with styles of a template document. For more information on dynamic HTML insertion using this approach, see “Outputting Expression Results”.

The second option for dynamic HTML insertion is using of an html tag. An html tag denotes a placeholder within a template for an HTML block to be inserted during runtime. Its syntax is defined as follows.

<<html [html_text_expression]>>

Note – An html tag is forbidden within charts.

While building a report, an expression declared within an html tag is evaluated and its result as a string is interpreted as an HTML block which content replaces the html tag then.

In its base usage, an html tag behaves exactly the same as an expression tag with an html switch applied. In particular, it makes the engine to use corresponding styles of a template document. This makes content of a result document look more consistent. However, you can keep source HTML formatting for content being inserted (to make it look like in a browser) by using a sourceStyles switch as shown in the following snippet.

<<html [html_text_expression] -sourceStyles>>