Inserting Hyperlinks Dynamically

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You can insert hyperlinks to your reports dynamically using link tags. Syntax of a link tag is defined as follows.

<<link [uri_or_bookmark_expression] [display_text_expression]>>

Here, uri_or_bookmark_expression defines URI or the name of a bookmark within the same document for a hyperlink to be inserted dynamically. This expression is mandatory and must return a non-empty value.

In turn, display_text_expression defines text to be displayed for the hyperlink. This expression is optional. If it is omitted or returns an empty value, then during runtime, a value of uri_or_bookmark_expression is used as display text as well.

Note – Values of both uri_or_bookmark_expression and display_text_expression can be of any types. During runtime, Object.toString() is invoked to get textual representations of these expressions’ values, which is useful for expressions of types like URI, for example.

While building a report, uri_or_bookmark_expression and display_text_expression are evaluated and their results are used to construct a hyperlink that replaces the corresponding link tag then. If `uri_or_bookmark_expression returns the name of a bookmark in the same document, then the hyperlink navigates to the bookmark. Otherwise, the hyperlink navigates to a corresponding external resource.

Note – A link tag cannot be used within a chart.