Convert a Document

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The ability to easily and reliably convert documents from one format to another is one of the main feature areas of Aspose.Words. Such a conversion is nothing more than a combination of loading and saving operations.

Almost any task that you want to perform with Aspose.Words involves loading or saving a document in some format. As mentioned in previous sections, the LoadFormat enumeration specifies all load or import formats supported by Aspose.Words, and the SaveFormat enumeration specifies all save or export formats supported by Aspose.Words. Thus, Aspose.Words can convert a document from any supported load format into any supported save format. As a rule, such a conversion requires several stages of calculation. However from the user perspective conversion from a document format to another one is itself very simple, and can be accomplished with just two steps:

  1. Load your document into a Document object using one of its constructors.
  2. Invoke one of the Save methods on the Document object and specify the desired output format.

The current section describes popular conversions, as well as ideas for working with some combinations of formats when loading and saving.