Access Hyperlink object of the GridWeb Cell

Possible Usage Scenarios

You can check if cell contains hyperlink or not using the following two methods. These methods will return null if the cell does not contain a hyperlink and if it contains a hyperlink, it will return GridHyperlink object.

  • GridHyperlinkCollection.getHyperlink(GridCell cell)
  • GridHyperlinkCollection.getHyperlink(int row,int column)

If your excel file contains hyperlink which links to some URL like and you load it in GridWeb then the hyperlinks will be rendered with target attribute set to _blank. It means, when you will click the hyperlink in a GridWeb cell, it will open up in a new window instead of the existing window. Besides, if you want to open the hyperlink in the existing window, then please set the GridHyperlink.Target to _self.

The following sample code accesses the hyperlink of cell A1. If cell A1 contains hyperlink then it will return GridHyperlink object, otherwise, it will return null.

Sample Code