Detect Merged Cells in xlsx4j

Aspose.Cells - Detect Merged Cells

In Microsoft Excel, several cells can be merged into one. This is often used to create complex tables, or to create a cell that holds a heading that spans several colums. Aspose.Cells allows you to identify merged cell areas in a worksheet. You can unmerge them too.


 //Get the merged cells list to put it into the arraylist object

ArrayList<CellArea> al = worksheet.getCells().getMergedCells();

//Define cellarea

CellArea ca;

//Define some variables

int frow, fcol, erow, ecol;

// Print Message

System.out.println("Merged Areas: \n"+ al.toString());

//Loop through the arraylist and get each cellarea to unmerge it

for(int i = al.size()-1 ; i > -1; i--)


	ca = new CellArea();

	ca = (CellArea)al.get(i);

	frow = ca.StartRow;

	fcol = ca.StartColumn;

	erow = ca.EndRow;

	ecol = ca.EndColumn;

	System.out.println((i+1) + ". [" + fcol +"," + frow +"] " + "[" + ecol +"," + erow +"]");

	worksheet.getCells().unMerge(frow, fcol, erow, ecol);


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