Managing Cell Controls in Columns

Accessing Cell Controls

To access and modify an existing cell control in the column, developers can use the CellControl property of a Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop.Data.GridColumn. Once a cell control is accessed, developers can modify its properties at runtime. For an instance, in the example given below, we have accessed an existing CheckBox cell control from a specific Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop.Data.GridColumn and modified its Checked property.

IMPORTANT: CellControl property provides a cell control in the form of CellControl object. So, if you need to access a specific type of cell control, say CheckBox then you will have to typecast the CellControl object to CheckBox class.

Removing Cell Controls

To remove an existing cell control, developers can simply access a desired worksheet and then Remove the cell control from the specific column by using the RemoveCellControl method of Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop.Data.GridColumn.