Copy Worksheets within a Workbook

Aspose.Cells provides an overloaded method, Aspose.Cells.WorksheetCollection.AddCopy(), that is used to add a worksheet to the collection and copies data from an existing worksheet. One version of the method takes the index of the source worksheet as a parameter. The other version takes the name of the source worksheet as the parameter.

The following example shows how to copy an existing worksheet within a workbook.

 //Create a new Workbook.

//Open an existing Excel file.

Workbook wb = new Workbook("ResultedBook.xls");

//Create a Worksheets object with reference to

//the sheets of the Workbook.

WorksheetCollection sheets = wb.Worksheets;

//Copy data to a new sheet from an existing

//sheet within the Workbook.


//Save the Excel file.

wb.Save("Copy Worksheet.xls");

Download Sample Code