Install Aspose.Cells on Windows

Possible Factors

Normally, in Windows Vista, the products/components that you install/use are always implemented under “normal user” permissions, even if you are an Administrator. The programs are only allowed limited access to the file system, even if you are logged in as an Administrator. This has some unfortunate side effects that you normally wouldn’t encounter in Windows XP when logged in as an Administrator.

UAC (User Account Control)

UAC is the part of Windows Vista that asks you for permission. The UAC mode (also known as Admin Approval Mode) is a mode of operation that (primarily) affects the way administrator accounts work. When UAC is turned on (which it is by default), you must explicitly give permission to any program that wants to use “administrator” powers. Any program that tries to use admin powers without your permission will be denied access. UAC is also required for other security features of Windows Vista, including Protected Mode in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer Protected Mode protects your computer from rogue web pages and other web-related vulnerabilities, including unknown ones.

When UAC mode is enabled, every program that you run will be given only “standard user” access to the system, even when you are logged in as an administrator. Windows Vista has the built-in ability to automatically reduce the potential of security breeches in the system. It does that by automatically enabling this feature called User Account Control (or UAC for short). The UAC forces users that are part of the local administrators group to run like they were regular users with no administrative privileges. Although UAC clearly improves the security on Windows Vista, under some scenarios you might want to disable it, for example when giving demos in front of an audience (demos that are not security related, for example). Some home users might be tempted to disable UAC because of the usage of additional resources of their system.

Steps Involved for Successful Installation of the Component

  • Please make sure that IIS is installed on your Vista before installing Aspose.Cells. It is compulsory because Aspose.Cells installer needs to create a virtual folder on IIS for the deployment of the Web Demos (Asp.NET Demos).
  • You need to disable UAC (User Account Control). You have to make sure that you have an Administrator Privileges with full Control of the system before installing Aspose.Cells. Otherwise you might get an error # 2869 while installing Aspose.Cells using its installer.

Following are some ways to achieve this.

Using Command Line

  1. Search for cmd.exe into your windows directory, then right click on it and select Run as… Administrator
  2. Now, Run the following command on command prompt: msiexec /i /Aspose.Cells.msi and Enter.

Using Control Panel

  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click User Accounts and Family Safety
  • Click User Accounts
  • Click Turn User Account Control On or Off
  • Uncheck the checkbox
  • Click OK