Working with HTML Templates - C# examples

Welcome to the “Working with HTML Templates” chapter. The articles in this chapter cover popular questions about how to work with HTML templates. In addition, the articles contain C# examples that provide the necessary information about using the Aspose.HTML class library to populate, set attributes or convert templates.

An HTML template is a piece of HTML code that serves as a template for creating web pages or other documents based on HTML. It defines the page’s structure, layout, and content and allows you to insert dynamic data into certain areas of the template at run time. This will enable developers to create reusable and customizable HTML documents without manually writing the same code multiple times.

In this chapter, the following topics are available:

Aspose.HTML offers free HTML Web Applications that are an online collection of free converters, mergers, SEO tools, HTML code generators, URL tools, and more. The applications work on any operating system with a web browser and do not require any additional software installation. It’s a fast and easy way to efficiently and effectively solve your HTML-related tasks.

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