Data Extraction – C# Examples

Data extraction, also known as web data extraction or web harvesting, is used to extract data from websites. Data extraction software will help you to automate the process of extracting data based on your requirements. Using the Aspose.HTML class library, you can easily create your own application since our API provides a powerful toolset to analyze and collect information from HTML documents. An important part of every extractor is the data selectors that are used to find the data you want to extract from the HTML file – usually, XPath, CSS selectors, or both.

Data Extraction section describes how to inspect, capture and extract data from the web pages automatically using Aspose.HTML for .NET API.

Aspose.HTML offers HTML Web Applications that are an online collection of free converters, mergers, SEO tools, HTML code generators, URL tools, and more. The applications work on any operating system with a web browser and do not require any additional software installation. Easily convert, merge, encode, generate HTML code, extract data from the web, or analyze web pages in terms of SEO wherever you are. Use our collection of HTML Web Applications to perform your daily matters and make your workflow seamless!

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