Working with Images in PDF using C#

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Images can be quite a complex topic in PDF format. A wide variety of manipulations with images awaits the user when he is faced with the work of PDF documents. We are used to the fact that pictures can only be added or removed from files, but the Aspose.PDF library will also allow you to set image size, replace images, extract images, search, and get Images from PDF Document and etc.

How to add image to PDF? You will receive an answer to the most popular question about pictures in PDF with Aspose.PDF.

Aspose.PDF for .NET is a smart and efficient tool for working with digital documents that lets you quickly import and place any graphical object in an existing PDF. Using our C# library is also a helpful option if you need to insert a chart into a report, add a floor plan overlay to a project, or just include a photo on your CV. If you are looking for an advanced way to insert and edit images in a PDF document, we highly recommend learn next articles for resolving your tasks.

You are able to do the following: