PDF-UA Compliance Test - Errors List

While doing PDF/UA compliance testing using Aspose.PDF API, you may be interested in knowing the error messages that you can get. These errors are of different types such as General, Text, Fonts, Headings, and several others. Information about such errors can be helpful in knowing the exact cause of the errors and their handling.

In this article, we list the errors that can arise during PDF/UA compliance testing using the API.


Code Severity Message
5:1 Error PDF/UA identifier missing
6.2:1.1 Error Structural parent tree: Inconsistent entry found
7.1:1.1(14.8.1) Error Document is not marked as tagged
7.1:1.1(14.8) Error [OBJECT_NAME] object not tagged
7.1:1.2( Error Artifact present inside tagged content
7.1:1.3( Error Tagged content present inside an artifact
7.1:2.1 Warning Structure tree missing
7.1:2.2 Warning ‘Document’ structure element found which is not a root element
7.1:2.3 Warning ‘[ELEMENT_NAME]’ structure element used as root element
7.1:2.4.1 Warning Possibly inappropriate use of a ‘[ELEMENT_NAME]’ structure element
7.1:2.4.2 Error Invalid use of a ‘[ELEMENT_NAME]’ structure element
7.1:2.5 Warning Possibly wrong nested ‘[ELEMENT_NAME]’ struct element into StructTreeRoot
7.1:3(14.8.4) Error Non-standard structure type ‘[TYPE_NAME]’ is neither mapped to a standard structure type nor to another non-standard structure type
7.1:4(14.8.4) Warning Standard structure type ‘[TYPE_NAME]’ is remapped to ‘[TYPE_NAME]’
7.1:5 Need check manual Color contrast
7.1:6.1 Error XMP metadata missing in document
7.1:6.2 Error Title missing in document’s XMP metadata
7.1:6.3 Warning Title is empty in document’s XMP metadata
7.1:7.1(12.2) Warning ‘ViewerPreferences’ dictionary missing
7.1:7.2(12.2) Error ‘DisplayDocTitle’ entry is not set
7.1:8(14.7.1) Error ‘Suspects’ entry is set
7.1:9.1(14.7) Error ‘StructParents’ key missing in page
7.1:9.2(14.7) Error ‘StructParent’ entry missing in the annotation
7.1:9.3(14.7) Error Entry for given ‘StructParents’ not found


Code Severity Message
7.2:1 Need check manual Logical Reading Order
7.2:2( Error Characters in a text object cannot be mapped to Unicode
7.2:3.1( Error Natural language for text object cannot be determined
7.2:3.2( Error Natural language of alternative text cannot be determined
7.2:3.3( Error Natural language of actual text cannot be determined
7.2:3.4( Error Natural language of expansion text cannot be determined
7.2:4(14.9.4) Error Stretchable character no tagged using ActualText


Clause Severity Message Error Character collection in CIDFont is not compartible with character collection of internal CMap Error CIDToGIDMap is not embedded or incomplete in font ‘[FONT_NAME]’ Error CMap is not embedded for font ‘[FONT_NAME]’ Error CIDSet is missing or incomplete for font ‘[FONT_NAME]’ Error Glyphs missing in embedded font ‘[FONT_NAME]’
7.21.6 Error Non-symbolic TrueType font ‘[FONT_NAME]’ has no cmap entries
7.21.6 Error Encoding entry prohibited for symbolic TrueType font ‘[FONT_NAME]’
7.21.6 Error Incorrect encoding is used for TrueType font ‘[FONT_NAME]’
7.21.6 Error Incorrect “Differences” array for non-symbolic TrueType font ‘[FONT_NAME]’


Code Severity Message
7.3:1( Error ‘[ELEMENT_NAME]’ element on a single page with no bounding box
7.3:2 Error Alternative text missing for ‘[ELEMENT_NAME]’ structure element
7.3:3 Error Caption accompanying figure missing
7.3:4( Error Graphics object appears between the BT and ET operators


Code Severity Message
7.4.2:1 Error The first heading is not on the first level
7.4.2:2 Error Numbered heading skips one ore more heading levels
7.4.4:1 Error ‘H’ and ‘Hn’ structure elements found
7.4.4:2 Error More than one ‘H’ structure element inside the parent structure element


Code Severity Message
7.5:1 Warning Irregular table row
7.5:2 Error Table header cell has no associated subcells
7.5:3.1 Warning Table headers missing
7.5:3.2 Warning Table summary missing


Code Severity Message
7.6:1 Error ‘LI’ structure element must be a child of ‘L’ element
7.6:2 Error ‘Lbl’ and ‘LBody’ structure element must be children of ‘LI’ element

Notes and references

Code Severity Message
7.9:2.1 Error ID missing in ‘Note’ structure element
7.9:2.2 Error ID entry in ‘Note’ structure element is not unique

Optional content

Code Severity Message
7.10:1 Error ‘Name’ missing in optional content configuration dictionary
7.10:2 Error Optional content configuration dictionary contains ‘AS’ key

Embedded files

Code Severity Message
7.11:1 Error ‘F’ or ‘UF’ key missing in the file specification
7.11:2 Warning ‘Desc’ key missing in the file specification

Digital signatures

Code Severity Message
7.13:1 Error Signature form field ‘[FIELD_NAME]’ does not conform to the specification
7.13:2.1 Error Natural language of an alternate name of a form field ‘[FIELD_NAME]’ cannot be determined
7.13:2.2 Error Alternate field name entry missing in form field ‘[FIELD_NAME]’

Non-interactive forms

Code Severity Message
7.14:1 Error ‘PrintField’ attribute missing in non-interactive form item


Code Severity Message
7.15:1 Error PDF contains a dynamic XFA form


Code Severity Message
7.16:1( Error Security settings block assistive technologies from accessing document’s content
7.16:2( Error Conversion is not allowed by permission restrictions
Code Severity Message
7.17:1 Error Document Outlines Error
7.17:2 Error Natural language of outlines can be determined
7.17:3 Need manual check Semantically appropriate Page Labels


Code Severity Message
7.18.1:1 Error Natural language of Contents entry cannot be determined
7.18.1:2 Error Alternative description missing for an annotation
7.18.1:3 Error Annotation is not nested inside an ‘Annot’ structure element
7.18.2:1 Error An annotation with subtype undefined in ISO 32000 does not meet 7.18.1
7.18.2:2 Error An annotation of subtype TrapNet exists
7.18.3:1 Error Tab order entry in page with annotations not set to ‘S’ (Structure)
7.18.4:1 Error ‘Widget’ annotation not nested inside a ‘Form’ structure element
7.18.5:1 Error ‘Link’ annotation is not nested inside a ‘Link’ structure element Error CT key is missing from the media clip data dictionary Error Alt key is missing from the media clip data dictionary
7.18.7:1 Error File attachment annotation. ‘F’ or ‘UF’ key missing in file specification
7.18.7:2 Warning File attachment annotation. ‘Desc’ key missing in file specification
7.18.8:1 Error A PrinterMark annotation is included in logical structure
7.18.8:2 Error The appearance stream of a PrinterMark annotation is not marked as Artifact


Code Severity Message
7.19:1 Need check manual Actions were found. Need to check actions according to specification PDF/UA manually


Code Severity Message
7.20:1 Error Reference XObject shall not be used in conforming PDF/UA file
7.20:2 Error The content of Form XObject isn’t incorporated into structure elements