Installing Aspose.Slides for C++

Using Nuget Package Manager

  1. In Nuget Package Manager, search for Aspose.Slides. 
    1. Here is the Link to NuGet Package Aspose.Slides.Cpp.
  2. Select Aspose.Slides.Cpp package in search results.
  3. Press the Add button to install the package

You can also download ZIP package from the Aspose.Slides for C++ download page. The archive also contains the offline API documentation.

Using Include and lib Folders

  1. Download the latest files.
  2. Unzip the folder to the production environment.
  3. To use Aspose.Slides for C++, reference Include and lib folders in your project.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Aspose.Slides for C++ is a native C++ library. Aspose.Slides for C++ supports 64-bit operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows desktop (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and server operating systems (2003, 2008, 2012), etc.
  • OS Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

Development Environments

You can use Aspose.Slides for C++ to develop applications in any development environment that support C++, but the following environments are explicitly supported:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later.
  • Clang 3.9; libstdc++6

Supported Platforms

  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Windows (Microsoft Visual C++).
  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Linux (Clang).