Accessing Type Members

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LINQ Reporting Engine enables you to access the following public (static and instance) members of accessible types (see “Working with Types” for more information) in template expressions:

  • Fields
  • Methods
  • Constructors

Note – To access a static member of a type in a template expression, the type must be set known for the engine (see “Setting up Known External Types” for more information).

A function type member can be used in a template expression only if the following additional requirements are met:

  • The function member returns a value.
  • The function member does not take generic type arguments.

The engine supports the following features when dealing with function members:

In addition to C# Language features, the engine provides the following extra features to simplify type member access:

  • Accessing members of an object without specifying the object’s identifier (see “Using Contextual Object Member Access” for more information)
  • Accessing missing members of an object (see “Accessing Missing Members of Data Objects” for more information)