Append Documents in Ruby

Aspose.Words - Append Documents

To append documents using Aspose.Words Java in Ruby.

Ruby Code

data_dir = File.dirname(File.dirname(File.dirname(__FILE__))) + '/data/quickstart/'
\# Load the destination and source documents from disk.
dst_doc = Rjb::import('com.aspose.words.Document').new(data_dir + "TestFile.Destination.doc")
src_doc = Rjb::import('com.aspose.words.Document').new(data_dir + "TestFile.Source.doc")
importformatmode = Rjb::import('com.aspose.words.ImportFormatMode')
source_formating = importformatmode.KEEP_SOURCE_FORMATTING
\# Append the source document to the destination document while keeping the original formatting of the source document.
dst_doc.appendDocument(src_doc, source_formating) + "TestFile Out.docx")

Download Running Code

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