Split Tables in Jython

Aspose.Words - Split Tables

To Split Tables using Aspose.Words Java for Jython. Here you can see sample code.

Jython Code

from aspose-words import Settings
from com.aspose.words import Document
from com.aspose.words import NodeType
from com.aspose.words import Paragraph
class SplitTables:
    def __init__(self):
        dataDir = Settings.dataDir + 'programming_documents/'

        # Load the document.
        doc = Document(dataDir + "tableDoc.doc")
        # Get the first table in the document.
        firstTable = doc.getChild(NodeType.TABLE, 0, True)
        # We will split the table at the third row (inclusive).
        row = firstTable.getRows().get(2)
        # Create a new container for the split table.
        table = firstTable.deepClone(False)
        # Insert the container after the original.
        firstTable.getParentNode().insertAfter(table, firstTable)
        # Add a buffer paragraph to ensure the tables stay apart.
        firstTable.getParentNode().insertAfter(Paragraph(doc), firstTable)
        currentRow = ''
        while (currentRow != row) :
            currentRow = firstTable.getLastRow();
        doc.save(dataDir + "SplitTable.doc")
        print "Done."
if __name__ == '__main__':

Download Running Code

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