Add Animation Property and Setup Target Camera in 3D document

Add Animation property in 3D document

Aspose.3D for Java supports rendering animated scene. This article explains prerequisites to move an object.

Move Cube’s Position

In Aspose.3D for Java API, animation instance is actually key-frame animation that animates on properties. In order animate properties, you need a CurveMapping instance which maps components of a property to different curves, for example, a Vector3 property can have 3 components X/Y/Z, which will set up three channels in CurveMapping, every channel can have a set of Curve.

Setup the Target Camera in 3D File

Aspose.3D for Java offers to setup the target camera in 3D file. In some file formats, light/camera supports target, which allows the light/camera always facing a specified node, this is useful in animation.

In below example, the target and camera is setup in 3D file: