BarcodeParameters class

Barcode generation parameters.

The BarcodeParameters type exposes the following members:


Name Description
x_dimension x-dimension is the smallest width of the unit of BarCode bars or spaces.
Increase this will increase the whole barcode image width.
Ignored if auto_size_mode property is set to AutoSizeMode.Nearest or AutoSizeMode.Interpolation.
bar_height Height of 1D barcodes’ bars in Unit value.
Ignored if auto_size_mode property is set to AutoSizeMode.Nearest or AutoSizeMode.Interpolation.
bar_color Bars color.
Default value: Color.Black.
padding Barcode paddings.
Default value: 5pt 5pt 5pt 5pt.
checksum_always_show Always display checksum digit in the human readable text for Code128 and GS1Code128 barcodes.
is_checksum_enabled Enable checksum during generation 1D barcodes.
Default is treated as Yes for symbology which must contain checksum, as No where checksum only possible.
Checksum is possible: Code39 Standard/Extended, Standard2of5, Interleaved2of5, Matrix2of5, ItalianPost25, DeutschePostIdentcode, DeutschePostLeitcode, VIN, Codabar
Checksum always used: Rest symbology
enable_escape Indicates whether explains the character “" as an escape character in CodeText property. Used for Pdf417, DataMatrix, Code128 only
If the EnableEscape is true, “" will be explained as a special escape character. Otherwise, “" acts as normal characters.
throw_exception_when_code_text_incorrect Only for 1D barcodes.
If codetext is incorrect and value set to true - exception will be thrown. Otherwise codetext will be corrected to match barcode’s specification.
Exception always will be thrown for: Databar symbology if codetext is incorrect.
Exception always will not be thrown for: AustraliaPost, SingapurePost, Code39Extended, Code93Extended, Code16K, Code128 symbology if codetext is incorrect.
wide_narrow_ratio Wide bars to Narrow bars ratio.
Default value: 3, that is, wide bars are 3 times as wide as narrow bars.
Used for ITF, PZN, PharmaCode, Standard2of5, Interleaved2of5, Matrix2of5, ItalianPost25, IATA2of5, VIN, DeutschePost, OPC, Code32, DataLogic2of5, PatchCode, Code39Extended, Code39Standard
code_text_parameters Codetext parameters.
filled_bars Gets or sets a value indicating whether bars filled.
Only for 1D barcodes.
Default value: true.
bar_width_reduction Get or sets bars reduction value that is used to compensate ink spread while printing.
Default value: 0
postal Postal parameters. Used for Postnet, Planet.
patch_code PatchCode parameters.
australian_post AustralianPost barcode parameters.
data_bar Databar parameters.
gs1_composite_bar GS1 Composite Bar parameters.
codablock Codablock parameters.
data_matrix DataMatrix parameters.
code_16k Code16K parameters.
dot_code DotCode parameters.
itf ITF parameters.
pdf417 PDF417 parameters.
qr QR, MicroQR and RectMicroQR parameters.
supplement Supplement parameters. Used for Interleaved2of5, Standard2of5, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN.
maxi_code MaxiCode parameters.
aztec Aztec parameters.
code128 Code128 parameters.
codabar Codabar parameters.
coupon Coupon parameters. Used for UpcaGs1DatabarCoupon, UpcaGs1Code128Coupon.
han_xin HanXin parameters.

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