QrExtCodetextBuilder class

Extended codetext generator for 2D QR barcodes for ExtendedCodetext Mode of QrEncodeMode
Use TwoDDisplayText property of BarcodeGenerator to set visible text to removing managing characters.

The QrExtCodetextBuilder type exposes the following members:


Name Description
QrExtCodetextBuilder() Initializes a new instance of the QrExtCodetextBuilder class


Name Description
clear() Clears extended codetext items
add_plain_codetext(codetext) Adds plain codetext to the extended codetext items
add_eci_codetext(eci_encoding, codetext) Adds codetext with Extended Channel Identifier
get_extended_codetext() Generates Extended codetext from the extended codetext list.
add_fnc1_first_position() Adds FNC1 in first position to the extended codetext items
add_fnc1_second_position(codetext) Adds FNC1 in second position to the extended codetext items
add_fnc1_group_separator() Adds Group Separator (GS - ‘\u001D’) to the extended codetext items

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