DataMatrixEncodeMode enumeration

DataMatrix encoder’s encoding mode, default to Auto


Member name Description
AUTO Automatically pick up the best encode mode for Datamatrix encoding
ASCII Encodes one alphanumeric or two numeric characters per byte
FULL Encode 8 bit values
CUSTOM Encode with the encoding specified in BarcodeGenerator.Parameters.Barcode.DataMatrix.CodeTextEncoding
C40 Uses C40 encoding. Encodes Upper-case alphanumeric, Lower case and special characters
TEXT Uses Text encoding. Encodes Lower-case alphanumeric, Upper case and special characters
EDIFACT Uses EDIFACT encoding. Uses six bits per character, encodes digits, upper-case letters, and many punctuation marks, but has no support for lower-case letters.
ANSIX12 Uses ANSI X12 encoding.
EXTENDED_CODETEXT ExtendedCodetext mode allows to manually switch encodation schemes in codetext.
Format : “\Encodation_scheme_name:text\Encodation_scheme_name:text”.
Allowed encodation schemes are: EDIFACT, ANSIX12, ASCII, C40, Text, Auto.
Extended codetext example: @"\ansix12:ANSIX12TEXT\ascii:backslash must be \ doubled\edifact:EdifactEncodedText"
All backslashes () must be doubled in text.

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