Convert Excel workbook to Ods,Sxc and Fods (OpenOffice / LibreOffice calc).

About OpenDocument

The OpenDocument format (ODF) is a free and open file format for electronic office documents originally developed by Sun for the Open Office suite. OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) is the file format for Excel documents. OpenDocument is currently an OASIS and ISO standard.

Convert Ods (OpenOffice / LibreOffice calc) to Excel

Aspose.Cells supports loading Ods,Sxc and Fods which are supported by OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc, and convert Ods,Sxc and Fods to Excel files.

Convert Excel to Ods (OpenOffice / LibreOffice Calc)

Aspose.Cells supports converting Excel files to Ods,Sxc and Fods files . The code example below shows how to convert the template to Ods,Sxc and Fods file.

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