Convert Text to Columns using Aspose.Cells

Possible Usage Scenarios

You can convert your Text to Columns using Microsoft Excel. This feature is available from Data Tools under the Data tab. In order to split the contents of a column to multiple columns, the data should contain a specific delimiter such as a comma (or any other character) based on which Microsoft Excel splits the contents of a cell to multiple cells. Aspose.Cells also provides this feature via Worksheet.Cells.TextToColumns() method.

Convert Text to Columns using Aspose.Cells

The following sample code explains the usage of Worksheet.Cells.TextToColumns() method. The code first adds some people name in column A of the first worksheet. The first and last name is separated by space character. Then it applies Worksheet.Cells.TextToColumns() method on column A and save it as output excel file. If you open the output excel file, you will see, first names are in column A while last names are in column B as shown in this screenshot.


Sample Code