Add Icons to Worksheet

Add Icons to Worksheet in Aspose.Cells

If you need to use Aspose.Cells to add ‘icons’ in an Excel file, then this document can provide you with some help.

The Excel interface corresponding to the insert icon operation is as follows:

  • Select the position of the icon to be inserted in the worksheet
  • Left click Insert->Icons
  • In the window that opens, select the icon in the red rectangle in the figure above
  • Left click Insert,it will be inserted into the Excel file.

The effect is as follows:

Here, we have prepared sample code to help you insert icons using Aspose.Cells.There is also a necessary sample file and an icon resource file.We used the Excel interface to insert an icon with the same display effect as the resource file in the sample file.


When you execute the above code in your project, you will get the following results: