Public API Changes in Aspose.Cells 17.1.0

Added APIs

Support for Excel 2016 Charts

Aspose.Cells APIs have added the support for a few Excel 2016 charts by enhancing the ChartType enumeration. Following new fields have been added with the release of Aspose.Cells 17.1.0.

  • ChartType.BoxWhisker: The series is laid out as box and whisker.
  • ChartType.Funnel: The series is laid out as a funnel.
  • ChartType.ParetoLine: The series is laid out as pareto lines.
  • ChartType.Sunburst: The series is laid out as a sunburst.
  • ChartType.Treemap: The series is laid out as a treemap.
  • ChartType.Waterfall: The series is laid out as a waterfall.
  • ChartType.Histogram: The series is laid out as a histogram.

Added Setter for LoadFilter.LoadDataFilterOptions Property

Aspose.Cells 17.1.0 has added setter for the LoadFilter.LoadDataFilterOptions property to replace the m_LoadDataFilterOptions instance variable. Users may change the LoadDataFilterOptions property in their own implementation of LoadFilter class to change the behavior of loading template files.

Here is a simple usage scenario.


 class CustomFilter : Aspose.Cells.LoadFilter


    public override void StartSheet(Worksheet sheet)


        if (sheet.Name == "Sheet1")


            // Load everything

            this.LoadDataFilterOptions = LoadDataFilterOptions.All;




            // Load nothing

            this.LoadDataFilterOptions = LoadDataFilterOptions.None;




Added CellsHelper.SignificantDigits Property

Aspose.Cells 17.1.0 has exposed the SignificantDigits property from the CellsHelper class which allows to get or set the number of significant digits for numeric values in a spreadsheet. The default value of CellsHelper.SignificantDigits property is 17 whereas it is applicable only if the result has to be stored in XLSX file format.

Here is a simple scenario to demonstrate the usage of CellsHelper.SignificantDigits property.


 // Specify the number of significant digits

CellsHelper.SignificantDigits = 15;

Added GlowEffect.Color Property

Aspose.Cells 17.1.0 has added GlowEffect.Color property which can be used to retrieve the color of the glow effect.

The following snippet make use of the GlowEffect.Color property.


 // Read the source excel file

var book = new Workbook(dir + "sample.xlsx");

// Access first worksheet

var sheet = book.Worksheets[0];

// Access the first shape

var shape = sheet.Shapes[0];

// Read the glow effect color

var glow = shape.Glow;

var color = glow.Color;

Added PageSetup.PaperWidth & PaperHeight Properties

Aspose.Cells 17.1.0 has exposed PaperWidth & PaperHeight properties for the PageSetup class. The PageSetup.PaperWidth & PageSetup.PaperHeight properties are of type double representing the paper width & height in the unit of inches while considering the page orientation.

Added WorkbookSettings.CheckCustomNumberFormat Property

Aspose.Cells 17.1.0 has added the CheckCustomNumberFormat property to the WorkbookSettings class. The CheckCustomNumberFormat is useful in checking if the Style.Custom property has been set properly or not. In case the Style.Custom property has been set improperly, that is; the value does not correspond to valid pattern then the Aspose.Cells APIs will throw CellsException with appropriate message.


 // Create an instance of Workbook

var book = new Workbook();

// Set CheckCustomNumberFormat property to true

book.Settings.CheckCustomNumberFormat = true;

// Access first worksheet

var sheet = book.Worksheets[0];

// Access a cell

var cell = sheet.Cells["B5"];

// Insert a value to the cell


// Access cell's style

Style style = cell.GetStyle();

// Set Custom property to an invalid pattern

style.Custom = "ggg @ fff";

// Set the modified style to the cell


Added DisplayUnitType.Percentage Field

Aspose.Cells 17.1.0 has also exposed the Percentage field to the DisplayUnitType enumeration. The DisplayUnitType.Percentage field indicates that the values on the chart shall be divided by 0.01.

Removed APIs

Instance Variable m_LoadDataFilterOptions Removed

This release has removed the m_LoadDataFilterOptions instance variable. It is advised to use the LoadFilter.LoadDataFilterOptions property instead.