Working with Forms using C++

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AcroForms are PDF files that contain form fields. Data can be entered into these fields by end-users or the author of the form. Internally, AcroForms are annotations or fields applied to a PDF document.

Aspose.PDF for C++ allows you to efficiently work with forms in PDF documents.

Can I create a fillable PDF form from scratch? Yes, you can just create a blank PDF, add the labels and fields you want, and after save it. Can I create a fillable PDF form from an existing document? What are the form fields? How to extract form from PDF file?

You will find answers to these questions and many others by learning the next section of the documentation.

  • AcroForms - create form, fill form field, extract data from form, modifing fields in your PDF with C++ library.
  • XFA Forms - fill XFA fields, convert XFA, get XFA fields properties.