Working with Text in PDF using C++

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This section of the documentation shows you how to add and format text in PDFs, how to rotate or replace text, how to add PDF tooltip in your file using Aspose.PDF for C++.

Aspose.PDF has the best C++ library for manipulating text content inside PDF documents.

You are able to do the following:

  • Add Text to PDF file - add text to your PDF, use fonts from strem and files, add HTML string, add a hyperlink, etc.
  • PDF Tooltip - you may add a tooltip to searched text by adding an invisible button using C++.
  • Text Formatting inside PDF - Many features you can add to your document when formatting the text inside it. Add line indent, add text border, add underline text, add newline feed with Aspose.PDF library.
  • Replace Text in PDF - to replace text in all the pages of a PDF document. You first need to use TextFragmentAbsorber.
  • Rotate Text Inside PDF - rotate text inside PDF using rotation property of TextFragment Class.
  • Search and Get Text from Pages of PDF Document - you can use TextFragmentAbsorber class for searching and getting a text from pages.
  • Determine Line Break - this topic explains how to track line breaking of multi-kine text fragments.