Working with PDF Documents

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PDF is a Portable Document Format developed by Adobe. A PDF file displays the same content and layout no matter what operating system, device, or software application it is viewed on. And this is its main feature.

PDF files can contain an unlimited amount of information, but they can be compressed to a file size that is easy to share, while maintaining complete control over the level of image quality.

Today PDF format is very popular, it can contain images, graphs, annotations, media, tables, forms, etc. All the contents of such a PDF document must be able to edit, create, delete.

But Aspose.PDF for C++ can help you cope with most of the tasks that arise when working with a PDF document.

You are able to do the following:

  • Create PDF Document - create PDF, create searchable PDF document.
  • Formatting PDF Document - get and set document properties, embedding fonts, and other operations with PDF files.
  • Manipulate PDF Document - validate a PDF document for PDF A standard, working with TOC, setting PDF expiry date, and etc.
  • Optimize PDF Documents - optimize page content, optimize file size, remove unused objects, compress all images for successful document optimization.
  • Merge PDF - merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF document using C++.
  • Split PDF - split PDF pages into individual PDF files in your C++ applications.
  • Working with Headings - you can create numbering in heading your PDF document with C++.