Working with PDF Pages in C++

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Aspose.PDF for C ++ allows you to perform various manipulations with Pages in your PDF document. You will be able to insert a page into a PDF document anywhere in the file, as well as add pages to the end of the PDF file.

This section shows you how to add pages to PDF without using Acrobat Reader. Also, with the Aspose.PDF for C++ library, you will be able to rotate pages, delete them, change the page size, and much more.

You can add text or images to the headers and footers of your PDF, and you can select different headers in your document with C++.

Add watermarks, number your pages, add backgrounds to pages in your PDF. The Aspose.PDF for C++ will allow you to resolve all these tasks.

You are able to do the following:

  • Add Pages - add pages at desired location or to the end of a PDF file and delete a page from you document.
  • Move Pages - move pages from one document to another.
  • Delete Pages - delete page from your PDF file using PageCollection collection.
  • Change Page size - you can change PDF page size with code snippet using Aspose.PDF library.
  • Rotate Pages - you can change the page orientation of pages in an existing PDF file.
  • Add Headers and/or Footers - add text or images in the headers and footers of your PDF file .
  • Crop Pages - you can crop pages in PDF document programmatically with different Page Properties.
  • Add Watermarks - add watermarks in your PDF file with Artifact Class.
  • Add Page Numbering in PDF File - PageNumberStamp class will help you to add a Page Number in your PDF file.
  • Add Backgrounds - background images can be used to add a watermark.
  • Stamping - you can use the ImageStamp class to add an image stamp to a PDF file and TextStamp class for adding a text.