Create a New Presentation

Creating a Presentation

Below are two code examples that illustrate how VSTO and Aspose.Slides for .NET can be used to achieve the same goal. The first example is VSTO; the second example uses Aspose.Slides.

VSTO Example

The VSTO output


//Note: PowerPoint is a namespace which has been defined above like this
//using PowerPoint = Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint;

//Create a presentation
PowerPoint.Presentation pres = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application

//Get the title slide layout
PowerPoint.CustomLayout layout = pres.SlideMaster.

//Add a title slide.
PowerPoint.Slide slide = pres.Slides.AddSlide(1, layout);

//Set the title text
slide.Shapes.Title.TextFrame.TextRange.Text = "Slide Title Heading";

//Set the sub title text
slide.Shapes[2].TextFrame.TextRange.Text = "Slide Title Sub-Heading";

//Write the output to disk

Aspose.Slides for .NET Example

The output from Aspose.Slides


//Create a presentation
Presentation pres = new Presentation();

//Add the title slide
ISlide slide = pres.Slides.AddEmptySlide(pres.LayoutSlides[0]);

//Set the title text
((IAutoShape)slide.Shapes[0]).TextFrame.Text = "Slide Title Heading";

//Set the sub title text
((IAutoShape)slide.Shapes[1]).TextFrame.Text = "Slide Title Sub-Heading";

//Write output to disk
pres.Save("c:\\data\\outAsposeSlides.pptx", SaveFormat.Ppt);