Working with Filter Data from MPP files in Ruby

Aspose.Tasks - Reading Filter Definition Data

To read Filter Definition Data using Aspose.Tasks Java for Ruby, call get_filter_definition_data method of FilterData module. Here you can see example code.

Ruby Code

 1project = Rjb::import('com.aspose.tasks.Project').new('test_tasks.mpp')
 2task_filters = project.getTaskFilters().toList()
 3puts "Task Filters Count: " + task_filters.size().to_s
 4puts "All Tasks: " + task_filters.get(0).getName().to_s
 5puts "Task Item: " + task_filters.get(0).getFilterType().to_s
 6puts "Task Filters Show In Menu: " + task_filters.get(0).getShowInMenu().to_s
 7puts "Task filter ShowRelatedSummaryRows: "  + task_filters.get(0).getShowRelatedSummaryRows().to_s
 8rsc_filters = project.getResourceFilters().toList()
 9puts "Project.ResourceFilters count: " +  rsc_filters.size().to_s
10puts "Resource Filter Item Type: Item.ResourceType: "  + rsc_filters.get(0).getFilterType().to_s
11puts "Resource filter ShowInMenu"  + rsc_filters.get(0).getShowInMenu().to_s
12puts "Resource filter ShowRelatedSummaryRows: " + rsc_filters.get(0).getShowRelatedSummaryRows().to_s

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