Working with Ranges

If you have worked with Microsoft Word Automation, you probably know that one of the main tools to examine and modify document content is the Range object. Range is like a “window” into the document content and formatting. 

Aspose.Words also has the Range class and it is designed to look and act similarly to Range in Microsoft Word. Although Range cannot cover an arbitrary portion of a document and does not have a Start and End, you can access the range covered by any document node including the Document itself. In other words, each node has its own range. The Range object allows you to access and modify text, bookmarks and form fields within the range.

Retrieve Plain Text

Use the Text property to retrieve plain, unformatted text of the range.

The following code example shows how to get a plain, unformatted text of a range:

Deleting Text

Range allows the deletion of all characters of the range by calling Delete.

The following code example shows how to delete all characters of a range: