Check Format in Python

Aspose.Words - Check Format

Python Code

supportedDir = self.dataDir + '/OutSupported/'
fileObj = self.File(self.dataDir)
filesList  = fileObj.listFiles()
for file in filesList:
    if file.isDirectory:
    nameOnly  = file.getName()
    print nameOnly
    fileName = file.getPath()
    print fileName
    info = self.infoObj.detectFileFormat(fileName)
    if (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOC):
print "Microsoft Word 97-2003 document."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOT):
print "Microsoft Word 97-2003 template."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOCX):
print "Office Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Free Document."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOCM):
print "Office Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Enabled Document."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOTX):
print "Office Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Free Template."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOTM):
print "Office Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Enabled Template."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.FLAT_OPC):
print "Flat OPC document."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.RTF):
print "RTF format."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.WORD_ML):
print "Microsoft Word 2003 WordprocessingML format."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.HTML):
print "HTML format."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.MHTML):
print "MHTML (Web archive) format."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.ODT):
print "OpenDocument Text."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.OTT):
print "OpenDocument Text Template."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.DOC_PRE_WORD_97):
print "MS Word 6 or Word 95 format."
    elif (info.getLoadFormat() == self.LoadFormat.UNKNOWN):
print "Unknown format."
    else :
print "Unknown format."
    destFileObj = self.File(supportedDir + nameOnly)
    destFile = destFileObj.getPath()
    shutil.copy(fileName, destFile)

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