Disable Text Wrapping for Data Labels of the Chart

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Aspose.Cells provides the DataLabels.setTextWrapped() method. Set to True or False to enable or disable text wrapping on data labels respectively.

Similarly, use the DataLabels.isTextWrapped() method to find out if a data label is already wrapped.

This screenshot shows a sample Microsoft Excel file containing a chart in which the text of the data labels are wrapped. As you can see, you can check or clear the Wrap text in shape option in the ALIGNMENT section of the Format Datalabels panel in Microsoft Excel 2013.

Wrapping data labels


The sample code that follows loads the sample Microsoft Excel file using Aspose.Cells and disables data label text wrapping using the DataLabels.setTextWrapped() method. When the code is executed, the chart looks like this. The previously wrapped text is now unwrapped.

Showing data labels on one line only