Freeze panes of Excel Worksheet

In Excel

Freeze panes in Excel

  1. If you want to freeze panes, freeze rows and columns, then first select a cell(such as B2)
  2. Click View > Freeze Panes.
  3. On the drop-down menu, click Freeze Panes.
  4. If you scroll down or right,the first row and column are frozen.

Fonzen panes

As you can see 1st Row and column A are Frozen, the second row is 32 and second visible column is D.

Freeze panes let you view your large data without any keeping track of Row or Column label.

Freeze Panes with Aspose.Cells for .Net

It’s simple to freeze panes with Aspose.Cells for .Net. Please use the Worksheet.FreezePanes method to feeze panes at the selected Cell .

  1. Construct Workbook to open the file or create an empty file.
  2. Freeze panes with Worksheet.FreezePanes() method.
  3. Save the file.

Attached sample source Excel file.