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Web scraping, also known as web harvesting, data scraping, web data extraction or web crawling, is used to extract data from websites. Web scraping software will help you to automate the process of extracting data based on your requirements. However, configuring web scraping software sometimes is a challenging task. Using Aspose.HTML class library, you can easily create your own application since our API provides a powerful toolset to analyze and collect information from HTML documents. An important part of every scraper is the data selectors that are used to find the data you want to extract from the HTML file - usually, XPath, CSS selectors, or both.

Web Scraping section describes how to inspect, capture and extract data, such as images, video, audio, etc., from the web pages automatically using Aspose.HTML for .NET. This chapter includes articles:

  • HTML Navigation - In this article, you learn how to perform a detailed inspection of the HTML document and its elements using the API, about custom filters usage for iterating over the document elements, and how to navigate over the document by using CSS Selector or XPath.
  • How to Download a Video - This article describes how to get video information, select a required video format and download a video by its URL.

Note: Web scraping becomes illegal when non publicly available data becomes extracted. You should be especially careful about the data you collect and comply with copyright laws. We do not support downloading copyrighted videos and using other people’s videos for commercial purposes without their express permission. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that may occur when using the Aspose.HTML library.

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